Can I use Dropbox (or similar service) to warehouse my images?

Using Dropbox for images seems so amazing! There are 2 things that you need to trust here, Dropbox and yourself. Sorry but I don’t want to put the fate of my business (aka website) into either.

Dropbox is a big company. But what is stopping them from disallowing you to directly access your files? Or Dropbox getting acquired by Google and getting shut down. I can keep going on different scenarios. Its really not a matter of if, just when.

I also don’t trust myself to not accidentally delete an image or folder that is on Dropbox. Without my knowing my website could be busted for days, weeks or months without me ever knowing.

A many people have stated. Adding a simple folder on your server is so easy to do. I personally have a folder on my server called depot. Inside there, I have all kinds of things including images. In fact, I have a folder called site-images inside there.

For example, my toolbox logo is an image called joeworkman.png. I have placed it inside my /depot/site-images folder on my server. What is the URL to that file? Super easy… the formula is domain + folders + filename. Therefore, the URL that this image is

I use an app called Transmit for my FTP. Once you configure your web server information in the app, all you need to do is right click on a file uploaded and there is an option to copy the URL to your clipboard. So it does all the work for you. Piece of cake. Great software!

I hope that this helps you out. I also hope that you stop using Dropbox (or any similar product) to serve up files on your website. Now go forth and make your websites great!