How to upload video files

First, you will need an FTP App, here are a list of a few, some are free and some cost money, we do not endorse any of these:
* Transmit
* Forklift
* Yummy FTP
* Fetch
* Cyberduck
* More FTP apps can be found here -

Then you will need to login to your server where you are hosting your website. This will be the same login information you use in Rapidweaver to publish your website, if you publish it that way.

  • You can put the video anywhere you want, but I would suggest you make a folder on the root of your site and call it “warehouse” without the quotes.
  • I would then make a folder inside called “videos”.
  • I would copy the movie file into the folder videos.
  • The URL for this file would look something like this:
  • Of course your website URL would go there and the name of your video file would also need to be included.
  • You can then use this URL for Joe’s video stacks like Quicktime and HTML5 Video.