RapidWeaver 6 & Smart Quotes

With RapidWeaver 6 out the door, we have noticed an issue happening with some people copying and pasting HTML code with quotes in them. Even if you paste as plain text, the smart quotes can still cause issues in your code. Here is a quick fix to help with this issue.

Go to the System Preferences on your Mac, and find the Keyboard settings and click on it. Then find the Text tab and click on it. On the right hand side of the settings you will see an option to use Smart Quotes and Dashes. Uncheck this and close the settings and it will help.

Keyboard System Settings

If you have a paragraph of text with Smart Quotes already on them, you will want to highlight the text, and go to Format in the menu bar and down to Clear Formatting, once this is done, you will then want to delete every quote in the text that had smart quotes in it and re-add with normal quotes. This will fix your quote issue.

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